9 Tips to Use and Care For Your Kitchen Blender For Optimum Performance

In the event that you’ve spent a decent lot of cash on a blender you would need it to last a couple of years if not more and for it to give you top execution without fail. Not all blenders are made equivalent and where one blender smashes ice better another may be useful for just soups and blending hitters. When in doubt, on the off chance that you have a container blender that is 500 watts or more in power and with treated steel cutting edges it would fulfill most needs from pureeing and mixing sauces to pounding ice. The rest they state is in the utilization and care of the blender.

Fluids First

Put in a fluid initially followed by little berries or pieces of delicate natural products, at that point lumps of harder foods grown from the ground and finally ice.

This permits the blender to prepare the fluid making a vortex consequently pulling in the thick fixings downwards like a little whirlpool. Once moving the edges will produce results all the more proficiently making it more uncertain for food to get captured between the sharp edges or between the cutting edges and the lower part of the container.

Start at Lowest Speed as well as Pulse First

Continuously start at the least speed and afterward beat a couple of times to get the fixings torn into littler pieces. Speed up progressively until you arrive at the consistency you want. Permit blender to accomplish max throttle before changing pace settings.

Continuously Cap the Lid with Your Hand

Hold the top down with one hand regardless of whether the top is firm and tight. The blender vibrates when working and except if the cover is bolted or clipped on there is consistently the probability that it might fall off and the wreck can be grievous.

Hot Liquids

Mix hot fluids with alert and guarantee the inward cap of the top is taken off for steam to get away and grasp down the top with a dish fabric.

Slash foods grown from the ground

Slash foods grown from the ground before mixing into sizes little enough that they fit the lower part of the container.

Try not to Overwork the Blender

Mix a little at an at once and don’t over fill the container of the blender or run your blender on for a really long time even on low speed since this will exhaust the engine and cause it to consume. A blender isn’t intended for pounding potatoes, blending hardened batter or crushing crude meat and such. It is intended for liquidizing food.

Try not to Shake Unit While Blending

Try not to shake or move the container of the blender or the entire machine while it’s functioning as this activity will make your blender destroy rashly and the guarantee won’t spread the harm because of such activity.

Wash right away

Wash the blender container oster blender review quickly so the fluid doesn’t shape an outside layer. It will likewise leave less stain on a plastic container. Wash by filling the container half full with water, a few drops of dishwashing fluid and heartbeat for a couple of moments. Wipe it down and flush well after. Never drench the engine part in water.

Dry the blender container topsy turvy on a drying rack to air dry normally. This guarantees that no water gathers around the drive shaft and don’t splash the container over a significant stretch as water may get into the bearing and will abbreviate the life of your blender.

Putting away

Never store the blender container with its substance in the cooler. This will harm the sharp edges and container. At the point when the blender is spotless and dry store the blender container and top independently or simply place the cover delicately over the container without shutting it solidly. This keeps up the best seal of the top when set up during mixing.

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